Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper is from Macon, Georgia and started singing professionally at the age of 17. He has performed with big dance bands, live radio and television and entertained in the Army as part of his tour of duty.

In April 1996, the curator of the Georgia MusicJim Cooper Hall of Fame's Historical Archives Department asked Mr. Cooper to provide a talking tape, relating to the days when he sang around Macon, and for any memorabilia that he might have from his singing days. These items are now cataloged in the archives at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

In 1996 Mr. Cooper began receiving calls asking him to perform. The request was for gospel music. This was a new genre for him, since he had always sung pop, jazz, r&b, and rock & roll. However, since 1996 he has put together a gospel program and has performed in approximately 70 facilities in the Middle Georgia area.

Hear Jim sing Frank Sinatra's "The Summer Wind"

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Hear Jim sing Carman's "This Blood's For You"

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