"Are You The Ones?"

A review of One's new CD "Are You The Ones?".

by Joey Stuckey

Sometimes you find a rare CD that not only has a groove, but also has a real heartfelt message. This is true for the debut CD of Jackson, Georgia Christian Rock Band "One".

Their blend of pounding rhythms, great melodies and soul searching lyrics make this CD a must for those who like to sing along to songs that talk about more than the usual pop nonsense.

The band members' diverse influences give One's original musical offerings their distinct departure from the FM noise we are used to hearing. With 80's rock guitar, contemporary keyboard, Carter Beauford drum stylings, and wailing Lenny Kravitz-esque vocals, the band produces a unified rocking sound from a blend of distinct musical backgrounds.  I especially like their version of popular prays and worship classic "Breathe". And if you really want to rock then "Are You The Ones?" is for you!

To check out the band's CD, concert dates, information about the band members, and more go to: www.oneontheweb.com. This is one band you don't want to miss.