"The Scintillating Sounds of Sue"

A review of Sue Wilkinson's new CD "Little Crimes".

by Joey Stuckey

R&B pianist and vocalist Sue Wilkinson, an Atlanta, Georgia-based native, has recently released her debut album "Little Crimes".

Sue and her band do an amazing job of recording music that is easy to relate to, while at the same time, providing unique, dynamic, melodic and rhythmic changes that will keep the avid music lover and/or professional musician interested listen after listen.

To understand what I mean by the "Scintillating Sounds of Sue", you should attempt to imagine the following: the piano prowess of Billy Joel, the lusty lyrics and poetry of Bob Dylan, the vocal control of an opera diva, and the good looks of "Jessica Rabbit" all rolled into one talented southern belle.

"Little Crimes" features full time band members Eskil Wetterquiest (drums and back-up vocals) and Dave Miner (bass); along with guest appearances by Clark Vreeland of Subdude's fame, Jerry Peak from the Steve Morse Band, Cindy Lou Harrington - current president of the Georgia Music Industry Association and even this author.

"Little Crimes" also includes "Sympatico", a collaboration between Sue and new age music guru Patrick O'Hearn of Frank Zappa and Missing Persons notoriety.

Though "Little Crimes" was only recently completed (in early December 2001), one of the songs "Heart's In The Right Place", has already been chosen to appear in Ricardo Scipio's new independent film "Watershed". If that were not impressive enough, Sue has opened for musical legends like Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chillipeppers, The Indigo Girls, Kansas and many more.

Additionally, for you internet junkies, Sue has received raved reviews on hip music websites such as mp3.com, citysearch.com, gogirlsmusic.com and musicaldiscoveries.com.

Of course, now that I have given you a taste of the "Scintillating Sounds of Sue" you will probably have a hankerin' for more. If so, you can check out Sue by visiting her website at suewilkinson.com. You can listen to music, read lots of interesting stuff about Sue and the Boys, buy your own copy of "Little Crimes", and even catch a glimpse of Georgia's new R&B queen.